Atma Malik To Dear All
It’s so exciting and amazing to me to welcome you to our Atma Malik NDA Academy, Kokamthan. I feel that when you will go through this prospectus it will give you useful information about Atma Malik NDA Academy and will reduce your time to take better decision for your wards future.
Atma Malik educational and sports complex, Kokamthan has established on many educational, co-curriculum, sports and games and social services. Because of our unity, the Atma Malik NDA Academy, Kokamthan has become a safe place for all cadets. In our Atma Malik NDA Academy, Kokamthan each member has made its own contribution and works to make this place a special place to our cadets.
Our mission is to ensure that all cadets are proactive problem solving, diligent researchers and excellent players.We try to prepare them for the demands.Of the Defense services so that they become all round officers, can contribute positively to the nation. Each child of Atma Malik NDA Academy,
Kokamthan comes with dream of joining the NDA and wants to dedicate his life to serve the nation. We have tried our level best to keep the level of our academics and military training excellent and maintained consistency. In our Atma Malik NDA Academy, we have a rich, inclusive and holistic approach to education, which encourages the lifestyles and improves the growth. The dedication of the staff, their academic skills and collaboration ensured that the Atma Malik NDA Academy, Kokamthan will meet the needs of all the students.
Each day I get the privilege of observing our wonderful cadets and I see this as a opportunity to witness changes for themselves this cadets have engraved in them and individually enhances their self-confidence and self- realization in the spiritual environment with the blessings of holy Sadguru Atma Malik Mauli.
Mr. Sudhakar Malik
Education Manager