Today’s world is the world of competition and for that purpose selection of the right school is big task,
because now days we have forgotten our culture and ethics. People don’t want to live the discipline life.
So I am very thankful on behalf of Atma Malik NDA Academy that you are thinking for well-disciplined
life for your wards.
The main aim behind starting the Atma Malik NDA academy (CBSE junior college) is that we know that
NDA is in Khadakwasla (Pune, Maharashtra) but our students are not there in NDA. So to get the
opportunity to join the NDA, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force as an officer we are providing
the education as well as coaching for the students. I am delighted you are considering Atma Malik NDA
Academy as a place of learning and growth for your child.
In Atma Malik NDA Academy we are focusing on students all round performance which involves
academic, sports as well the good finishing touch of moral values which will help them in future to be a
good citizen. The day in Atma Malik NDA Academy is well planned so automatically students involve
himself in the routine work. School leadership is crucial to ensure the best quality of schooling. We
choose to look at our teachers as educators and our school principals as leaders and nation builders. Our
educators and school leaders play a key role in creating the right organizational conditions to implement
effectiveness and success.
Our comfortable educator/student ratio ensures each student gets the attention they deserve. They
create a stimulating environment for our students who are an active part of the learning process. Their
inherent intelligence and thought processes are instrumental in facilitating the learning process. The
main aim of Atma Malik NDA Academy is “Gateway to become a Defense officer.”

Major. R.K.Bhagat