President Message

Nowadays every parent has an ambition to set a great goal before the child and wants to build up a good behavior within him. If every child is aware about the divine power within him and understand its potential, it will help him to achieve his goal as well as dream of his parents. .

When the child comes to know the technique of realizing ATMA (the divine power) within him through meditation he will gain immense power to conquer all the hurdles on his way to success.

It is the wish and mission of our ATMA MALIK NDA ACADEMY, to raise the Cadet up to the level of Nation’s demand in its full swing. The vision of the ATMA MALIK NDA ACADEMY is to produce officers with broad-based training in both military and academic subjects designed to serve as a foundation for the future progressive development of officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

     Mr. Nandkumar Suryawanshi


Vishwatmak Jangali Maharaj Ashram Trust, Kokamthan